Patricia Lambertus and Mirsad Herenda at the Group Show INTERIORS at the Mastio della Cittadella, Turin, Italy

21 / 6 – 15 / 7 – 2018

Opus in Artem presents Mirsad Herenda and Patricia Lambertus at the group show Interiors curated by Domenico Maria Papa at the Mastio della Cittadella, Turin.

Mastio della Cittadella, Turin, Italy
21 June - 15 July 2018
Curated by Domenico Maria Papa

An overview of current art, through the recent works of seventeen artists from Italy, France, Spain, Germany, set in one of the most representative historical places in the city of Turin.

The theme of the interior and the plural of the interior is intended both as a physical space, intimate, confined, destined to the intimacy of forms and relationships, and as a place of reflection, awareness, thought about identity and work.

Installations, painting, sculpture and photography dialogue with a space strongly characterized by its defensive function, such as the Mastio of the Cittadella of Turin, a symbol of protection to the extreme of closure and exclusion.

The protected and guarded interior of the space is a metaphor for the creativity that is born within the confines of a research project, but which develops in the openness of the confrontation and sharing of the physical space.

The exhibition space and the works of art thus establish a dialogue through different spheres, exploring significant poles that are close but not coincidental: protection and defence, intimacy and openness, the emptiness of architecture and the lightness of art.

The exhibition features works by: Daniele Dell'Angelo Custode, Valeria Dardano, Diego Dutto, Danilo Fiorucci, Octavio Floreal, Barbara Fragogna, Tea Giobbio, Stefano Giorgi, Liana Ghukasyan, Mirsad Herenda, Fukushi Ito, Patricia Lambertus, Aude Lorrillard, Sebastiano Mortellaro, Nicolina Silla, alter Vallini, Davies Zambotti.

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