Art Site Fest 2018 - Dina Goldstein at the Castello Cavour di Santena, Turin, Italy

13 / 10 – 25 / 11 – 2018

Opus in Artem presents Vancouver, Canada-based photographer Dina Goldstein at the 4th edition of the Art Site Fest 2018:  "Il Senso del Luogo" curated by Domenico Maria Papa. During the festival the series Fallen Princesses will be shown at the Castello Cavour di Santena.

Some of Piedmont's most beautiful historic residences are hosting Art Site Fest, a journey through the languages of the contemporary world, including photography, sculpture, painting, theatre and music.

The Reggia di Venaria, Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi, Castello Cavour in Santena, Castello di Govone, the Egyptian Museum, Palazzo Madama, Palazzo Chiablese, Palazzo Biandrate and Casa Martini in Pessione are the venues that host works and images in dialogue with their historic surroundings. The languages of contemporaneity with Art Site Fest become the key to interpreting cultural heritage and making memory a reason for identity, more relevant than ever in the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

The project, curated by Domenico Maria Papa, in its fourth edition in 2018, involves artists from different countries with works often created specifically for the exhibition venues, or set for the chosen museum routes. 58 artists with over 160 works touch different disciplinary and professional fields, making borders and creative practices permeable.