Group Show RADICI at the Castello di Compiano, Parma, Italy

Opus in Artem presents the group show RADICI
Castello di Compiano, Parma, Italy

Curated by Bianca Maria Rizzi

Partecipating artists:
Luca Gastaldo, Mirsad Herenda, Mihailo Beli Karanovic, Tancredi Mangano, Karl Menzen, Francesco Orrù, Enzo Rovella

Opening December 28, 2019
The exhibition continues until 21 March 2020

The exhibition takes place at the Castle of Compiano among the rooms of the Marquise Gambarotta: the mixture of contemporary sculpture and painting and antique furnishings, paintings, screens, vases and old trimmings, paper wallpaper and coffered ceilings will be a very exciting journey.

Dina Goldstein - Group Show YES, WE KEN! at the Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany

12 / 12 2019 - 19 / 01 2020

"Yes, we Ken!"

Pasinger Fabrik
Munich, Germany

Watch the show on mü

About Ken on contemporary art and society
Curators: Augusta Laar and Stefan-Maria Mittendorf

When Elliot and Barbara Handler invented Barbie's "boyfriend" for the Mattel company in 1961, he was modelled on the male ideal of the time, singer Neil Diamond. From then on, the well-dressed and somewhat stuffy Ken stood by Barbie's side as partner and inventor of her special household appliances. Ken and Barbie thus represented the American dream couple and advanced to become the plastic icons of Western culture. As a mirror of social developments, Ken became "Superstar Ken 1977" and "Earring Magic Ken 1993". The "Hipster Ken" with a fashionable man's bun no longer casts doubt on Ken's contemporaneity.
The exhibition focuses on the construction and transformation of the male image, exemplified by the legendary Ken doll and its reception in art and society. Not only will Augusta Laar's unique Ken collection of almost 100 dolls be presented, but the two curators have also invited international contemporary artists who have dealt intensively with the Ken doll by Mattel and who reflect on male identity and social change.

Participating artists
Dörthe Bäumer (Germany), Birthe Blauth (Germany), Stefan Stratil (Austria), Jana Cruder (USA), Dina Goldstein (Canada), Augusta Laar (Germany), Felix Müller (Germany), Olaf Probst (Germany), Sands Murray-Wassink (Netherlands), Rose Stach & Gisbert Stach (Germany) and Robert Weissenbacher (Germany).