Carola Allemandi << Nocturnes with intention >> on ARTSY

January, 26 - February, 27 2022

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Carola Allemandi - Nocturnes with intention 

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After the series “Notturni” (Nocturnes) that is based on urban landscapes photographed during nighttime, in August 2021 and in occasion of the artist residence festival “Arte Kunst Val Taro”, Allemandi tried to think on a slightly different approach of working and created the series "With intention!"


Carola Allemandi: "In this new series, the item was to obtain a formal result equal or similar to that of Notturni but using natural elements such as flowers by photographing them in broad daylight."

In fact, using the camera's flash and strong sunlight, the subjects affected by the strongest light are strongly illuminated while the rest of the background remains underexposed or sometimes even black. This results in a night-time effect due to an excess of light.

The title "With Intention" derives from the awareness that every time you photograph nature, which is in itself an entity without will or intention and therefore innocent, your own subjective intention is established and prevails, creating a new vision filtered by the eye.

The project that preceded this series was called "Notturni" and stems from the attraction to some particular lighting situations in urban environments at night. The artist says that the intention of the shot was not documentary but expressive.

"Observing my own photographs in the first part of the research project, I realized that I could only emotionally perceive certain portions of the landscape I was looking at. The object of reality from which I started, the landscape, was necessary because it contained the inspiring subject, but some elements had to be removed in order to activate my language", says the young photographer.

Thus, and on the contrary to the "With intention" project a post-production work was necessary that aimed at subtracting and using black became fundamental in a process that maintains the attention to tones, framing, light and sharpness (which are part of her photographic background), to which, however, she adds a second creative moment of re-elaboration of reality.

The elements of the urban landscape are thus used to reveal an intimate vision, while the place itself has no value whatsoever. It is abstracted and reduced to the skeleton from which the atmosphere perceived there comes to life.

Marco Minotti << Contemporary Bestiary >> on ARTSY

14 January - 27 February 2022

Opus in Artem presents

Marco Minotti - Contemporary Bestiary

In his works Marco Minotti often plays at inventing new animal species. He unites animals with animals, animals with human beings. He often ties, joins, binds animals to toxic clouds, magma that is nothing more than the representation of the "man" effect on nature.

His works want us to reflect, they do not want to amaze or terrify, they want us to think. They want us to understand for a moment, through metaphors, role-plays and images, what we are doing, what we are up to.

His research, in fact, is a denunciation of the effects that man can produce on nature, of genetic manipulation, pollution and other causes that the artist believes will lead to a rebellion of nature itself.

The ancients prayed to imaginary gods, such as the Medusa, the Basilisk, the Chimera, who were nothing more than animals and men united together, "today we are able to do it for real and soon we will find ourselves praying to them".