Worrying about eternity by Carlo Caldara on Artsy!

From July 8 – August 31, 2022 Opus in Arem presents the Artsy Online Solo Show
"Worrying about eternity" by Carlo Caldara.
Carlo Caldara`s art has an existential approach to the identity of man in the world. The artist has an eclectic attitude towards art, with cycles of various works. He combines painting with photography and creates works and installations with various materials such as coal, stones

Artists statement:
"An existential wall, peeling away, with cracks marked by time past; it becomes a mirror of our lives, a page of memories. It is a barrier between us and others, which becomes rubble when it is torn down.

The LED neon like a spear of light symbolizes a spiritual presence, perhaps a sign of hope. I build walls to imagine my own infinity. They are mirrors of a cyclothymia that is the companion of parallel lives.

I live the poetry of dreams that are more real than days and the hours, minutes, seconds accompany the drumbeat of thoughts, of what I hide to show everyone, sparkling thoughts and addicted consciences."