Barbara Rosengarth – Pli on Artsy

Opus in Artem presents for the first time an online solo show by German artist Barbara Rosengarth on Artsy.

“The paintings and installations of Barbara Rosengarth, an artist from Bremen (Germany), encourage the beholder to actively view her work and simultaneously reflect upon this process.

Areas covered with colourful patterns suggest perfect compositions through a steady repetition of geometrical shapes and distinctly defined colour areas. These patterns seem to be easily detectable and warrant no further close examination. However, the more the view wanders away from and returns to the repetitive patterns and colours, the more it will get irritated in the process.
The title of her continuously numbered work series „Pli“ reveals what is behind these visual disturbances: the pleat. Mostly related to textiles and caused by overlay, stacking or compression of fabric, the crease can be an intended element of shape or an unpleasant consequence. In her paintings, Barbara Rosengarth reduces the crease to a line. This results in a break of the periodical rappaport, which in turn, gives the two-dimensional surface through glazed paint application and minimal ductus the impression of three-dimensionality. The early concept of the artist to copy selected fabric cut-outs and patterns realistically reflected a more specific reference to textiles. Subsequently, she moved towards a concept in which the parts of the rappaport were connected into abstract compositions. The reference to textile materials moves into the background whereas the interaction between pattern and crease become more evident, challenging the viewer…”
(Julika Wagner, MA)