Dina Goldstein - Snapshots from the Garden of Eden at the Jewish Museum of Venice, Italy

2 / 9 – 4 / 11 – 2018

Opus in Artem presents, for the first time in Europe, Dina Goldstein`s Snapshots from the Garden of Eden at the Jewish Museum of Venice.
Watch here the Making of ... the series.

In the occasion of the 19th European Day of Jewish Culture, which in Italy this year will be held on Sunday 14 October, the Jewish Museum of Venice has decided to participate with a special show by Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein, starting 2 September 2018.

The pictures, in striking black and white, juxtapose biblical myths and everyday life, creating images with a powerful narrative impact and showing a totally original way of looking at the stories of Jewish tradition. The episodes and protagonists of the stories depicted are for the most part set in contemporary times and spaces that produce a strongly alienating effect on the public, including that of a man intent on modelling a modern robot Golem (a clay giant in the service of its own creator) or a lascivious King Solomon lying in a bed between two unclothed women.

"The theme of this year's Jewish Culture Days is Storytelling, and we in various ways - says Michela Zanon, Coopculture Director of the Museum - will tell you the story of our ghetto and the personalities who have passed through it". Dina Goldstein's photographs interpret and re-propose ancient Jewish stories in a new way, making it possible to tell and read them from other points of view or with different eyes, fitting perfectly with the theme of storytelling.

This exhibition will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the vivid and provocative imagination of this artist, who refers to cultural archetypes and narratives inspired by the subconscious and the human condition, expressed through a cinematographic technique and a methodology that follows a precise pre-production process. Leaning on the visual language of pop surrealism, Dina stages narrative compositions that aim to eradicate prejudice, challenging notions of beauty, gender, sex and religion. Her work has been the subject of essays and articles in the world's media; her projects are studied and taught in art schools, photography programs and gender courses; in particular, The Fallen Princesses is published in several primary school textbooks.

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Patricia Lambertus and Mirsad Herenda at the Group Show INTERIORS at the Mastio della Cittadella, Turin, Italy

21 / 6 – 15 / 7 – 2018

Opus in Artem presents Mirsad Herenda and Patricia Lambertus at the group show Interiors curated by Domenico Maria Papa at the Mastio della Cittadella, Turin.

Mastio della Cittadella, Turin, Italy
21 June - 15 July 2018
Curated by Domenico Maria Papa

An overview of current art, through the recent works of seventeen artists from Italy, France, Spain, Germany, set in one of the most representative historical places in the city of Turin.

The theme of the interior and the plural of the interior is intended both as a physical space, intimate, confined, destined to the intimacy of forms and relationships, and as a place of reflection, awareness, thought about identity and work.

Installations, painting, sculpture and photography dialogue with a space strongly characterized by its defensive function, such as the Mastio of the Cittadella of Turin, a symbol of protection to the extreme of closure and exclusion.

The protected and guarded interior of the space is a metaphor for the creativity that is born within the confines of a research project, but which develops in the openness of the confrontation and sharing of the physical space.

The exhibition space and the works of art thus establish a dialogue through different spheres, exploring significant poles that are close but not coincidental: protection and defence, intimacy and openness, the emptiness of architecture and the lightness of art.

The exhibition features works by: Daniele Dell'Angelo Custode, Valeria Dardano, Diego Dutto, Danilo Fiorucci, Octavio Floreal, Barbara Fragogna, Tea Giobbio, Stefano Giorgi, Liana Ghukasyan, Mirsad Herenda, Fukushi Ito, Patricia Lambertus, Aude Lorrillard, Sebastiano Mortellaro, Nicolina Silla, alter Vallini, Davies Zambotti.

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Dina Goldstein - Gods and Princesses at the Antico Oratorio della Passione, Sant’Ambrogio, Milan

March, 10th and 11th, 2018

Dina Goldstein
Gods and Princesses
at the Antico Oratorio della Passione, Sant’Ambrogio, Milan

Opus in Artem presents in a two days exhibition selected works from the series Fallen Princesses (2007 - 2009) and Gods of Suburbia (2014)

Fallen Princesses
The series consists of 10 photographs depicting Disney Princesses and other Fairy Tale characters placed within a modern environment. The work examines elements of the human condition and creates metaphor out of the myths of fairy tales, forcing the viewer to contemplate real life: failed dreams, the fallacy of chasing eternal youth, obesity, Cancer, the extinction of indigenous cultures, pollution, ocean degradation and war. By embracing the textures and colors created by Walt Disney, which built a multi-billion-dollar empire exploiting these fairy tales, the work questions the notion of the idealistic 'Happily Ever After' motif, composed by Disney, and spoon fed to children throughout the world.

With this series Dina Goldstein achieved her international breakthrough in the art market.
The series brought Goldstein numerous TV appearances and contributions and made her famous in a short time. Watch here a few examples:
Fanny Kiefer Show - CTV - German TV - Spain Mega TV - CBS ART Canada


Gods of Suburbia (2014)

GOS is Dina Goldstein’s third large-scale project. The work is a visual analysis of religious faith within the context of the modern forces of technology, science, and secularism. Dina utilizes archetypes from within the collective unconscious, and from religious iconography, and places them into contemporary environments. The project challenges the viewer — religious or secular to embark on a journey of self-reflection as they contemplate the relevance of ancient ethics and morals in a society characterized by materialism and consumerism. Watch here the Making of and behind the scenes-Video and this interview with Dina Goldstein about the series.


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Mirsad Herenda - Recent works at the Antico Oratorio della Passione, Sant’Ambrogio, Milan

Opus in Artem presents
MIRSAD HERENDA - Recent works
Antico Oratorio della Passione, Milan, Italy

Curated by Domenico Maria Papa
from 12 to 18 February 2018

Mirsad Herenda, for the first time with a solo exhibition in a public space in Italy, presents his recent production: iron sculptures of various sizes. Trees are the favourite subjects in Herenda's research: he draws and shapes them, alone or in groups, until they form, as in his larger installations intended for parks or city spaces, woods or pieces of land.

Each work is the result of patient work. In fact, every branch and every formal component springs from the action of welding, which gradually descends into detail and becomes more accurate and precise.

A peculiarity of Herenda's works lies in the desire to preserve traces of the work, so that the ground in which the trees sink their roots is given by the accumulation of filaments and other materials: it is an undergrowth that is both metaphorical and strongly real, just as the remains of shrubs and branches recall the painful condition of existence and abandonment. A condition that refers to experience even before aesthetic choices. The iron is often left exposed to the action of atmospheric agents which oxidise it, completing the artist's work.

"Herenda's is in fact an obstinate sculpture. - It is built piece by piece, through meticulous welding, starting from the smallest branches, to build trees and with trees entire woods and landscapes. Nothing is lost: even the most negligible residue, what remains, the waste from casting that would otherwise be cleaned away, is included in the sculpture. It is as if to say that in the work of man, whether it is well done or not, whether it is beautiful or evil, nothing really can be forgotten. Everything remains."

The exhibition is made possible thanks to the support of Background Italia and is organised by Opus in Artem, Milan and Museumstudio s.r.l.s, Turin. The toast is offered by the Azienda Vinicola Villa Giada, Agliano Terme, Asti.

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Art Site Fest 2017 - Opus in Artem presents Monika Grycko and Mirsad Herenda ....

14 / 10 – 17 / 12 – 2017

In occasion of the festival Art Site Fest 2017 - Residenze Reali del Piemonte Opus in Artem presents works by di Mirsad Herenda at the Castello di Govone and at the Castello di Racconigi, Monika Grycko will show an installation at the Castello di Govone.

For the 2017 edition, Art Site Fest proposes an exhibition designed for the settings of royal residences, among the most beautiful in Piedmont: at the Reggia di Venaria, the Castello di Govone and the Castello di Racconigi:

50 artists of different generations are represented by over 140 works. Sculpture, painting, photography, installation and performances in the museum itinerary of the residences, in a close dialogue between historical architecture and contemporary art.

Art Site Fest is a container of art, curated by Domenico Maria Papa, this year in its third edition, for works and projects that confront historical environments and contexts.

Art Site Fest - Residenze Reali is intended as a contribution to reflection on the role of contemporary art in the cultural programming of the Savoy Residences in Piedmont.