Luca Gastaldo BLUE – Artsy Viewing Room

Opus in Artem is pleased to present the first online exhibition of Luca Gastaldo on Artsy:

‘Luca Gastaldo: Blue’

This viewing room, which is availabe until October 28, 2021, shows selected works by the artist that are exclusively dedicated to the colour blue and its varied connotations as it sometimes dominates the landscape, and at other times the skyscape, and sometimes there is a fusion of both, when at sea.

It is rare to find such a deep identification between an artist and his work. When you meet Luca Gastaldo in person you can sense spontaneity, a frankness, but also a simplicity and reserve that inhabit a pure, though troubled, and undeniably tormented, soul, of which you would not be aware at first. Luca Gastaldo’s artistic language is striking for the naturalness with which he manages to engage with a spectator and then to make the chords of emotion and enchantment vibrate through his work.

Neo-romantic in a sense certainly not decadent, Gastaldo has command of the poetry and grace to speak to us about light and its opposite. In these works, the artist takes us by the hand and introduces us to these rarefied and impalpable landscapes of the soul, which are sometimes ghostly, sometimes gentle. There is reference to memory and to what our mind brings to the surface of a memory as we rework it, without ultimate command or control of its power.

Luca Gastaldo’s painting is so vibrant with a romantic spirit it almost leads one to believe that the landscape depicted is the subject and not the object of observation. From the black background of the bitumen drawn from the innermost aspect of his soul, the artist proceeds by subtraction, removing the darkness and perhaps even the pain of man, to recover unexpected glimpses of light that lead us on and to continue to believe.

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