Marco Minotti << Contemporary Bestiary >> on ARTSY

14 January – 27 February 2022

Opus in Artem presents

Marco Minotti – Contemporary Bestiary

In his works Marco Minotti often plays at inventing new animal species. He unites animals with animals, animals with human beings. He often ties, joins, binds animals to toxic clouds, magma that is nothing more than the representation of the “man” effect on nature.

His works want us to reflect, they do not want to amaze or terrify, they want us to think. They want us to understand for a moment, through metaphors, role-plays and images, what we are doing, what we are up to.

His research, in fact, is a denunciation of the effects that man can produce on nature, of genetic manipulation, pollution and other causes that the artist believes will lead to a rebellion of nature itself.

The ancients prayed to imaginary gods, such as the Medusa, the Basilisk, the Chimera, who were nothing more than animals and men united together, “today we are able to do it for real and soon we will find ourselves praying to them”.