Matthias Langer at the 90. Kunstverein Hannover’s annual Autumn Exhibition, Germany.

20. 08. – 23. 10. 2023
Matthias Langer 
partecipates at the
90. Kunstverein Hannover’s annual Autumn Exhibition, Germany.

As the largest exhibition dedicated to Lower Saxon artists, Kunstverein Hannover’s annual Autumn Exhibition has been one of the most important exhibitions in Lower Saxony since its first edition in 1907.

The 90th edition extended an invitation to the art scene in Lower Saxony and Bremen, specifically seeking proposals for pre-existing works. The call was distinct in its inclusive nature, welcoming artists of all ages and distinguishing itself from typical funding projects that primarily target “young, emerging artists.”

The anniversary edition of the long-standing exhibition emphasizes its historical setting, taking place within the rooms of the Kunstverein in the Künstlerhaus, which was constructed in 1856. However, the exhibition’s impact also extends beyond the confines of the Kunstverein, reaching into the state capital through various performative projects.

The Kunstverein consistently presents international artistic perspectives from diverse contexts while at the same time nurturing its connection to the regional art scene, sending significant impulses in both directions. From a large pool of applicants, 45 positions were carefully selected. These artists come from a variety of backgrounds and include both newcomers to the region and those who have been working here for a longer period of time. Their years of birth range from 1931 to 1999.

A penal of a seven-member jury was tasked with reviewing and discussing warriors on diversity in age, origin, media and themes.

The traditional exhibition format has featured (at the time) emerging artists who went on to achieve international acclaim, such as Kurt Schwitters and Christiane Möbus. Other recent editions of the exhibition have featured joint exhibitions in which art professors and their students have exhibited their works side by side.

The exhibition’s program is designed to encourage participation, highlight local perspectives, and engage regional artists. A comprehensive handbook will also be made available as an expanded platform for the artists’ work. In addition to showcasing the exhibited works, the handbook includes supplementary materials that provide insight into and further explore the artists’ practices, previous works, and specific issues they address.

Thanks to the support of the City of Hannover, Kunstverein Hannover has the opportunity to present a series of performance projects within the city’s Kulturdreieck that are both ephemeral and site- specific. The performances, due to their contemporary and temporary nature, activate the public space as they are mostly rooted in participatory practices.

The group exhibition offers a glimpse into the vibrant sphere of contemporary art-making in the region of Lower Saxony, as well as local artists’ exploration of global issues.

The jury of the anniversary edition consisted of: 
Stefan Becker, Head of Communications and Foundations, Sparkasse Hannover; Melanie Botzki, Head of Cultural Management, Department of Culture, City of Hannover; Ingo Clauß, Curator, Weserburg Museum of Modern Art, Bremen; Carlota Gómez, Curator of the 90th Fall Exhibition, Kunstverein Hannover; Max Schulze, Artist and Professor of Painting at the University of Paderborn; Dr. Silke Sommer, Chair of the Board, Kunstverein Hannover; Till Steinbrenner, Artist, Advisory Board, Kunstverein Hannover.

From numerous applications, the jury has selected the following positions to participate in the 90th Fall Exhibition:

Degenhard Andrulat
Sofia Baronner
Domingos de Barros Octaviano
Rolf Bier
Constanze Böhm
Jonas Brinker
C.O.C.O. ‎| Carlotta Oppermann and Christiane Oppermann
Edson Colón Aguirre
Manuel Cornelius
Véra Marie Deubner
Anna Eisermann
David Carol Fedders
Anja Gerecke und Stefan Rummel
Christoph Girardet
Collectif Grapain
Gruppe Stumpf
Johanna Henkelmann
Samuel Henne
Gilta Jansen
Kathrin Jobczyk
Hans Karl
Klara Kayser
Gregor Kieseritzky
Hye Hyun Kim
​Yoo Kim
Julia Kröpelin
Matthias Langer
Jaq Lisboa
Martina Morger
Sebastian Neubauer
Siegfried Neuenhausen
Nico Pachali
Lucila Pacheco Dehne
Sophie Pape
Inge Marion Petersen
Meike Redeker
Nikola Sarić
Frank Schinski
Julia Schmid
Andreas Karl Schulze
Tuğba Şimşek
Birgit Streicher
Timm Ulrichs
Katja Windau
Hannah Wolf

The 90th Fall Exhibition opens on Saturday, August 19 at 19:00 and will be on view through October 22, 2023.