Opus in Artem

Opus in Artem defines itself as an information, advisory, research and mediation platform in the international cultural sector. We mediate in various formats between artists, galleries, curators, museums, art associations, foundations, collectors and private companies.

Our intention is to break up conventional structures in the international cultural landscape – to initiate innovative approaches in communication and cooperation, to create synergies and collaborations with sustainability and to develop new orientations in the art market for our clients and partners.

Opus in Artem draws on a basic network built up over 15 years of experience in the contemporary gallery business.

Opus in Artem supports and accompanies international artists permanently and in a long-term approach in their career as well as in temporary limited projects.

Opus in Artem offers art collectors the opportunity to optimize their collections by researching complementary, adequate works.

We help companies and enterprises that normally operate in a non-art environment to distinguish themselves from competitors in a prestigious and image-enhancing way through a collaboration with Opus in Artem and thus create a special status for themselves in their environment.

Dina Goldstein


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