Taken from the series “Gods of Suburbia” (2014)

This is Dina Goldstein’s third large-scale project 2013-2014. The work is a visual analysis of religious faith within the context of the modern forces of technology, science and secularism. The series plays with narrative and religious iconography in order to communicate how organized belief has become twisted within a global framework driven by consumerism and greed.  The project challenges the viewer — religious or secular — to embark on a journey of self-reflection as they contemplate the relevance of dogma in modernity.

Watch here the Making of … the series

The artist about the work:
This is Ganesha, one of the most prominent deities in Hinduism and the Lord of obstacles.  Ganesha, easily identified by his Elephant head, has been depicted throughout the ages within all mediums of art and complex iconography.  This portrait reflects my personal experiences from childhood.  As an immigrant to Canada I was bullied for being different and for not speaking English—You can see in the photo that what differentiates people is not only what they eat, and how they dress, but also what they believe in. Being bullied makes people internalize their feelings and beliefs. By staying open to other ways of thinking and listening to the stories of those who come from different places, we can grow and enhance our lives.

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