IBBUR – The Soul of Ari

From the series “Snapshots from the Garden of Eden” (2017)

Eastern Europe, nineteenth century
The Ibbur spirit, is always good or positive. It is a form of possession that happens when a righteous soul occupies a living body for a time and joins, or spiritually “impregnates,” the existing soul. Ibbur is temporary, and the living person may or may not know that a possession has taken place. Often the living person has graciously given consent for the Ibbur. The reason for Ibbur is always benevolent—the departed soul wishes to complete an important task, to fulfill a promise, or to perform a mitzvah (a religious duty) that can only be accomplished in the flesh with its important message: goodness is better than riches.

The series “Snapshots From The Garden Of Eden” features 11 large-scale tableau images with representing characters and passages from the book “Leaves From The Garden Of Eden” by Howard Schwartz. The series includes modernized scenes from each of the four primary types of tales: fairy tales, folktales, supernatural tales and mystical tales. The black and white pieces feature the rich and ethnically diverse characters made up of divine royalty, temptresses, supernatural spirits, and Hasidic figures that star in these ancient dramas. Dina challenges the viewer with themes of destiny, temptation, justice, wisdom, blind faith and circumstance. Dreamscapes and symbolism are staples within Dina Goldstein’s work as they are in these early narratives.

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