Lord Xenu

Taken from the series “Gods of Suburbia” (2014)

This is Dina Goldstein’s third large-scale project 2013-2014. The work is a visual analysis of religious faith within the context of the modern forces of technology, science and secularism. The series plays with narrative and religious iconography in order to communicate how organized belief has become twisted within a global framework driven by consumerism and greed.  The project challenges the viewer — religious or secular — to embark on a journey of self-reflection as they contemplate the relevance of dogma in modernity.

Watch here the Making of … the series

The artist about the work:
Scientology, created by Ron L. Hubbard, is controversial, due in part such famous Hollywood members, as well as its unusual science fiction like doctrines. One is the myth of Xenu, who is acting as a therapist for a psychiatrist, a twist on the Scientology belief that psychiatry as a profession is barbaric and corrupt. According to Scientology, Xenu took control of Earth’s inhabitants with the help of Thetans from space who inserted anxiety and self-doubt into humans.  In order to expel the corruptions left by the Thetans, through the process of Dianetics, Scientology Auditors interview and record their members in a process called ‘Auditing’.
This portrait illustrates how those who control the minds and hearts of people through dogma are quick to condemn things that encourage free, independent thought.

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