Pea, 2008

From the series “Fallen Princesses”, (2007 – 2009)

The series consists of 10 photographs depicting Disney Princesses and other Fairy Tale characters placed within a modern environment. The work examines elements of the human condition and creates metaphor out of the myths of fairy tales, forcing the viewer to contemplate real life: failed dreams, the fallacy of chasing eternal youth, obesity, Cancer, the extinction of indigenous cultures, pollution, ocean degradation and war. By embracing the textures and colors created by Walt Disney, which built a multi-billion-dollar empire exploiting these fairy tales, the work questions the notion of the idealistic ‘Happily Ever After’ motif, composed by Disney, and spoon fed to children throughout the world.

The story we know as ”The Princess and the Pea” was first published by Hans Christian Andersen in 1835. However many versions of the story had been created previously. Its closest counterpart from another Scandinavian country. “Princess Who Lay on Seven Peas”. There is a history behind the peas, the beds, the princesses, and the concept of sensitivity. There are a few other stories wherein sensitivity is linked to being a “true” princess, but they don’t involve the specific object of a pea. In Italy there’s a story wherein a prince is looking for the most sensitive woman, and the wife he chooses is one whose foot must be bandaged after a Jasmine petal falls upon it. “The Three Delicate Wives of Virtue-Banner,” is an Indian tale, involves a bit of a riddle in judging which of the king’s three wives are the most delicate. Being able to feel a solitary pea beneath twenty mattresses somewhat implausible; so perhaps ‘The Princess and the Pea’ is meant to ridicule aristocrats and others who are incapable of understanding true suffering. Goldstein sees an opportunity here to tackle themes of over-consumption, and the environment. The location is the city landfill, a hill of accumulated, undefinable garbage. A beautiful, but disheartened, Princess Pea sits atop piled up mattresses freshly delivered to the dump.

With this series Dina Goldstein achieved her international breakthrough in the art market. The series brought Goldstein numerous TV appearances and contributions and made her famous in a short time.

Watch here a few examples:
Fanny Kiefer Show
German TV
Spain Mega TV
CBS ART Canada

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