PRINCESS IN THE TOWER – Princess in the Tower

From the series “Snapshots from the Garden of Eden” (2017)

Palestine, eighth to tenth centuries
This fable bears striking similarities to one of modernity’s favourite fairy-tale characters Rapunzel. “The Princess in The Tower” in Leaves From The Garden of Eden tells the tale about Keziah, one of King Solomon’s beautiful daughters. He imprisoned her in a tower on an island to try to stop a prophecy being fulfilled that she would marry a poor man. Yet, strange circumstances result in a young man—an impoverished scholar named Reuven—ending up on the island, and he Keziah fall in love.

The series “Snapshots From The Garden Of Eden” features 11 large-scale tableau images with representing characters and passages from the book “Leaves From The Garden Of Eden” by Howard Schwartz. The series includes modernized scenes from each of the four primary types of tales: fairy tales, folktales, supernatural tales and mystical tales. The black and white pieces feature the rich and ethnically diverse characters made up of divine royalty, temptresses, supernatural spirits, and Hasidic figures that star in these ancient dramas. Dina challenges the viewer with themes of destiny, temptation, justice, wisdom, blind faith and circumstance. Dreamscapes and symbolism are staples within Dina Goldstein’s work as they are in these early narratives.

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