Red, 2008

From the series “Fallen Princesses”, (2007 – 2009)

The series consists of 10 photographs depicting Disney Princesses and other Fairy Tale characters placed within a modern environment. The work examines elements of the human condition and creates metaphor out of the myths of fairy tales, forcing the viewer to contemplate real life: failed dreams, the fallacy of chasing eternal youth, obesity, Cancer, the extinction of indigenous cultures, pollution, ocean degradation and war. By embracing the textures and colors created by Walt Disney, which built a multi-billion-dollar empire exploiting these fairy tales, the work questions the notion of the idealistic ‘Happily Ever After’ motif, composed by Disney, and spoon fed to children throughout the world.

In the most popular European version of Little Red Riding Hood, a wolf devours an old woman and then imitates her, wearing her clothes and getting into her bed just in time for the arrival of her granddaughter. The tension builds as the girl relays a series of observations to the wolf “Grandmother, what big ears you have! … What big teeth you have!”until the animal eats her. The African versions of the story probably evolved from the Middle Eastern tale, The Wolf and the Kids. And that story appears to be older than Little Red Riding Hood, although one version of the European tale has become far more popular due to its publication in book form 200 years ago by the Brothers Grimm. There has also been theories and indications that her encounters with a conniving wolf are suggestive of devious sexual intent. Dina Goldstein casts Red as a large bodied young beauty. Wearing the classic red hood and yellow clogs Red strolls through the forest carrying a basket of MacDonalds treats. This controversial adaptation invites the viewer into a discussion about obesity and fast-food culture. How has the convenience of fast food contributed to the declining family mealtime experience, and to the health and well-being of people living in a fast paced culture. The link between fast food and obesity is not accepted by all, and has enraged some who believe that other factors like genetics and environmental circumstances are to blame. In any case body image and fat shaming issues are prevalent in a culture based on unrealistic and unattainable beauty standards.

With this series Dina Goldstein achieved her international breakthrough in the art market. The series brought Goldstein numerous TV appearances and contributions and made her famous in a short time.

Watch here a few examples:
Fanny Kiefer Show
German TV
Spain Mega TV
CBS ART Canada

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