Schwarze Sonnen by Matthias Langer on Artsy

From 24 September to 28 October 2022,
Opus in Artem presents the exhibition
‘Schwarze Sonnen (Black Suns)’
by Matthias Langer on Artsy.

Matthias Langer:
“The sun is actually always the brightest point in the picture because of its radiance. The brightest point will appear in the image as a white area. In analog photography, this does not always have to be the case, because the exposure curve (more light leads to greater brightness in the picture) is not always linear. At a certain moment, at the so-called solarization point, the curve tilts into negative. So, the sun becomes the darkest spot from the brightest point. If one imagines the analog photo material as a sensor, then the solarized places would be a misinterpretation of the incoming information.”

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