Tancredi Mangano – Pioneers Viewing Room on Artsy

14 January – 5 February 2022

Opus in Artem presents
Tancredi Mangano – Pioneers
in a Viewing Room on Artsy

The series “Pioneers” by Tancredi Mangano can be seen as an homage to our urban fellow inhabitants, who we either do not pay attention to at all or, if at all, only with suspicion or even regard as troublemakers. Yet these plants deserve the utmost respect, at least for their survival strategies, and can thus in some ways even be a role model for us humans. The series contains portraits of selected species that have managed to survive in an urban environment despite the most adverse conditions.

The presence of man is expressed in these photographs in an indirect but absolutely clear way: “For me, these are real portraits”, and these plants “express what is dear to me: the capacity to live and resist difficult, almost impossible situations”.


All the memory of nature and at the same time of the distant history lost in time and buried who knows how deeply under the layers of earth, cement and tar of the city comes back to the surface and communicates its anomalous and respectable existence and its tenacious resistance. Where the metropolis is, nature was, and metropolitan man is the last descendant of the ancient animal that took up an erect position and began to trace signs and build.

— Roberta Valtorta —
Idea di metropoli, Silvana Editoriale, 2002