Angelo Barile

Angelo Barile was born in Turin in 1960, in a fragrant and warm end of May. The Italian economy was booming, pushing strong, creating new ideas and radical changes in society. Barile had troubles since his very first day of school: instead of doing his first exercise at his school desk, he drew on a notebook a nice cake with six candles. He doesn’t know and doesn’t remember why a cake, but this sent him right back home with a demerit of his first day of school.

His fate was already sealed, but he didn’t not know it yet. Growing up his desire to draw and color did not calm down, even while attending junior high school. His teacher in Artistic Activities gave him the task to draw a whole wall of the drawing room. We were in the 70s and he was just over the age of 10, but that was fine with him, so he painted his first mural. The subject was a huge wave, which he drew and colored using both hands and at the end of the lesson he went back home soaked with sweat, it had been much worse than two hours of gymnastics. This work made with both hands simultaneously intrigued even the teachers of the Academy of Turin, who came and see him even while he was drawing, called there by his legendary art teacher.

His artistic attitude was clearly pointing towards some School of Arts, after compulsory schooling, but unfortunately it did not go that way. His father dreamt of a son graduated in Aeronautical Engineering, so he found himself enrolled in an Institute dealing with technical matters. He never stopped drawing, no matter what obstacles life made him confront with, never. After some experiences in the world of comics and illustration he began oil painting, on very broad canvas.

Figurative painting surreal pop is what he does, he investigates the inner world of adults, extrapolating it from inside and bringing it on the canvas.