Angelo Donnermann

Angelo Donnermann is the titan of contemporary art. He was born in 1975 as a child of two parents in the habitable zone of the solar system. He soon discovered that it is enjoying in sitting around doing nothing. He grew up until he gave himself the green light, and subsequently exerted a huge influence on cartoonists like him and other such guys, who draw the big noses. His greatest dream is not to be hit at the head and to refuse the Nobel prize someday. He accomplished things in life – he is especially proud of Captain Picard calling him „Hey, you!“ - which is imaginary, of course.

He runs a music-solo-project called „Brackwasser Knipp“, which will influence Mozart - once Donnermann will have invented a time machine. He thinks a lot with his brain to become a decision maker and has a very good opinion about climate change. His net worth is estimated to be € 24.