Jens Lorenzen

Jens Lorenzen, born in Schleswig in 1961 has lived and worked in Berlin since 1991. He studied with Prof. Hermann Albert at the HBK Braunschweig. His work has been shown among others, in the Camera Work Gallery Berlin, Galerie Von Braunbehrens Stuttgart, De Buck Gallery NY, and in the museums Kunsthalle Rostock, Ephraim Palais Berlin, Museumsberg Flensburg.

At the centre of Jens Lorenzen's work is the WALL, a potentially endless text of images.

The division of Germany changed the meaning of the symbols and signs of the Germans into an East code and a West code. The traditional fairy-tale figure of Little Red Riding Hood, for example, became a brand of a sparkling wine in the East and of a Camembert in the West. About this ambiguity of signs in the context of unity or division, Jens Lorenzen wanted to paint a picture. The abundance of material gradually required several pictures at once, which also continued. He had the idea to call this series MAUER. Through this, Jens Lorenzen refers on the one hand to the Berlin Wall, the symbol of division par excellence, and on the other hand to the fact that the potentially endless stringing together of pictures achieves the effect of a wall. At the same time, each individual picture represents an element of its wall; a fragment of the whole.