Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin, the real-life Invisible Man from China, a performance and concealment artist with the ability to disappear in any surroundings. Born in 1973 in Shandong and a graduate of Shandong Art College and Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts, Liu Bolin became popular for his mastery at the cool art of camouflaging himself against virtually any background with his masterful painting techniques.

While his invisibility artworks are really mind-blowing, he’s here with a message:
“The situation for modern artists and political art in China is very difficult and the forced removal of the artist’s studio is in fact my direct inspiration of this series of photographs, Hiding In The City…I am standing, but there is a silent protest, the protest against the environment for the survival, the protest against the state and social issues.”

Liu belongs to the generation that came of age in the early 1990s, when China emerged from the rubble of the Cultural Revolution and was beginning to enjoy rapid economic growth and relative political stability.

He now lives and works in Beijing, China.