Mikos Meininger

Mikos Meininger, was born in 1963 in Jena, East Germany. He is visual artist in the fields of painting, graphics and sculpture. Mikos Meininger learned the trade of lettering and graphic painter in Jena from 1984 to 1986. He then moved to East Berlin and began working in the subcultural artists' circle around Maximilian Barck in 1987. The artists' book was characteristic of the circle. Produced in small editions (under 100 copies), it offered artistic freedom in the DDR as it was not "subject to licensing" and therefore also did not fall under the censorship. Authors and visual artists were equally involved, such as the painter Lothar Böhme, Johannes Heisig, Wolfgang Hilbig, Elke Erb, Durs Grünbein, Strawalde, Klaus Zylla, Lothar Klünner, Gert Neumann and others. Meininger's drawings and silkscreen prints were published by Barck in the bibliophile literary and art magazine Herzattacke and in numerous artist's books in his edition "Maldoror". Meininger's work includes prints, often created for elaborate artist's books on writer friends, abstract painting and figure-emphasising sculpture, mainly in bronze casting.
Since 2006 Meininger lives and works in Potsdam, where he founded the Kunsthaus sans titre in 2009 together with the sculptor and musician, Chris Hinze. His studio is also located there.