Mirsad Herenda

Mirsad Herenda was born 1967 in Gorazde, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
From 1996 to 2002 he studied sculpture at the HfK Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2006 he became guest student with Prof. B. Altenstein at the Hochschule für Künste, Bremen. In 2007 he studied art with Prof. B. Altenstein and Prof. F. Hörnschemeyer at the HfK, Bremen, 2011 he got his diploma with Prof. F. Hörnschemeyer and in 2011 he became master student with Prof. F. Hörnschemeyer.

The Bosnian artist's sculptures represent the indissoluble bond between the tree and life, between the roots and the plant, which could not develop without them, and between wicked humanity and suffering nature: it is a scream of pain without ifs and buts, pervaded by the wind. The belonging to his own land, Bosnia tormented by the civil wars of the 1990s, which the artist carries with him wherever he goes as an ineliminable part of his soul.