Fingerhut Pfingstrose Rose Lauch Chrysantheme Mohn

From the series Blumen aus meinem Garten
(Flowers from my Garden)
80 x 64 cm
Edition of 5 + 1 ap

Fine Art Print

The flower still lifes from the series “Flowers from my Garden” quote the pictorial tradition of Baroque painting. The painted still lifes of this period captivate with their richness of detail and extremely lifelike reproduction. One would think that photography can do that too, if not better. Only with Matthias Langer it is different: he adds the gesture of transience by exposing continuously for several days.

He picks the flowers in his garden, arranges them and then exposes them for four days. In this way they begin to dance and start to move. Photography records these traces of movement and makes them visible.

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