Notturno 034

80 x 120 cm
Printed on Hahnemühle cotton paper on aludibond
Stampato su carta cotone Hahnemühle su aludibond

Notturni / Nocturnes
The project stems from the attraction to some particular lighting situations in urban environments at night. I immediately realized that the intention of the shot was not documentary but expressive. Observing my own photographs in the first part of the research project, I realized that I could only emotionally perceive certain portions of the landscape I was looking at. The object of reality from which I started, the landscape, was necessary because it contained the inspiring subject, but some elements had to be removed in order to activate my language.

Thus, the post-production work aimed at subtracting and using black became fundamental in a process that maintains the attention to tones, framing, light and sharpness (which are part of my photographic background), to which, however, I add a second creative moment of re-elaboration of reality.

The elements of the urban landscape are thus used to reveal an intimate vision, while the place itself has no value whatsoever. It is abstracted and reduced to the skeleton from which the atmosphere perceived there comes to life.

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