Sternenhimmel Murmeln

120 x 95 cm
Edition 5 + 2 AP
Fine Art Print on Diasec glossy

About the series Sternenhimmel (Starry Skies)

Looking from a distance at the works of the “Sternenhimmel series”, an imposing cosmos opens up to the viewer, rich in planets, stars and other celestial bodies, aesthetically presented on glossy photographic prints behind Plexiglas.
Up close, the surprise is revealed, as the starry sky is made up of candies, marbles and everyday objects that Matthias Langer has arranged on the floor and photographed from above with the large format camera in original size with high precision.

As with earlier photographs, in which the artist used long and multiple exposures and worked with superimpositions, blurring and other distortions, he also critically questions the visual impression here. He plays with the perception of proximity and distance, triggering both astonishment and enthusiasm. Matthias Langer himself traces the genesis of his work back to the desire to photograph the starry night sky, knowing at the same time that he would not be able to do so successfully.

Searching for alternatives, he constructed his personal cosmos, about which he says: “This is how my starry skies were created: toys like marbles, beads and craft glitter – make up one night sky, metalware and sweets make up the other star formations.” With this photography, which is as original as it is high-quality, the artist sharpens our gaze and brings us closer to the universe.

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