The needle and the setting suns

100 x 150 cm
Wood, aluminum, bandages, acrylic colours and led neon LED
Legno, alluminio, bende, colori acrilici e neon LED

“The needle and the setting suns” is inspired by the song “The needle and the damage done” by Neil Young. In the song from the 1972 album ‘Harvest’, Young sings the words: ‘Every junkie’s like a settin’ sun’. The 1980s, for Caldara, were the time of his youth, beautiful and cheerful, fabulous years of optimism and economic growth. The other side of this seemingly carefree period, however, was that heroin became part of society. At that time many young people, including some friends of both Caldara and Neil Young, lost themselves in the arms of heroin.

The bandages that the artist has chosen as the material for this work are a symbol for a slow healing (not yet completed) of a wound that the heroine has caused to society. The wound, represented by the neon light is always there, today perhaps more in the background and less visible than years ago but it is always there. It lurks in partial secrecy and can ignite again at any time. This danger is never banished.

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