Zwei Kerzen (15 h)

38 x 31 cm
Fine Art Print on Diasec


The image develops slowly, unnoticed.
Unnoticed, the motif changes.
The slowness describes a line.
The change inscribes itself in the image.

According to its origin, the word photography means writing with light, light as a means of writing. The unnoticed light writes itself into the light-sensitive layer of the film material. Depending on the amount of light available, this can happen very quickly or take longer.
The object depicted here is not just a burning candle in a candlestick, the photograph shows the candle over the period of its entire burning time. The photographed candle has just been lit, half burnt and extinguished at the same time. The inside, the wick, has been turned outwards as a trace of light. The flame becomes a line.
The candle was the only source of light in the room when the picture was taken. It is light source and motif in one. Thus, the candle and the candlelight become the subject of the picture.
Time plays a decisive role in photography. The two concepts are inextricably linked. Photography can freeze time or let it flow.

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