Tina Sgrò

Tina Sgrò was born in 1972 in Reggio Calabria. Her artistic inclinations emerged from early childhood. She attended the State Institute of Art in Reggio Calabria and began an artistic/emotional journey that would be important in her life as a woman and artist. She then obtained a Diploma in Painting at an Italian Academy of Fine Arts and began her artistic career.

In 2003 she won the call for the acquisition of works of art at the Corte dei Conti in Potenza. In 2006 she won the Arte Mondadori Prize in the Painting section. In 2011 she was the winner of the A3 lot - public works competition, headquarters of the new Police Headquarters and State Police in Grosseto. She was a finalist at the Premio Arte Laguna di Venezia in 2011 and in 2013 and she won the 2017 Marchionni Prize in the Graphics section.

In 2021, her solo exhibition FOCUS was held at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, MART of Rovereto.