Urs Lüthi

Urs Lüthi (*1947) is a Swiss conceptual artist. Noted for using his body and alter ego as the subject of his artworks, he has worked in photography, sculpture, performance, silk-screen, video and painting. Since 1994, Lüthi has worked as university professor in Kassel, Germany and in 2009 Kassel gave Lüthi the Arnold Bode award.

Lüthi and other artists of this period influenced Lou Reed. He is mentioned as an influence in Reed's Transformer album, which contains the hit drag anthem “Walk on the Wild Side”. Lüthi was part of a group of Continental European artists who were interested in, and “voiced, in their work, a desire for a utopian conception of androgyny, in which they would embody a unified ambisexuality or realize a perfect union with their lover.”

Lüthi describes the most significant aspect of their work as "ambivalence...Objectivity is not very important to me: all is objective just as all could be subjective. Therefore, one must take reality into account and actually my awareness of the real, depending on my mood, has thousands of facets."