Art Site Fest 2017 – Opus in Artem presents Monika Grycko and Mirsad Herenda ….

14 / 10 – 17 / 12 – 2017

In occasion of the festival Art Site Fest 2017 – Residenze Reali del Piemonte Opus in Artem presents works by di Mirsad Herenda at the Castello di Govone and at the Castello di Racconigi, Monika Grycko will show an installation at the Castello di Govone.

For the 2017 edition, Art Site Fest proposes an exhibition designed for the settings of royal residences, among the most beautiful in Piedmont: at the Reggia di Venaria, the Castello di Govone and the Castello di Racconigi:

50 artists of different generations are represented by over 140 works. Sculpture, painting, photography, installation and performances in the museum itinerary of the residences, in a close dialogue between historical architecture and contemporary art.

Art Site Fest is a container of art, curated by Domenico Maria Papa, this year in its third edition, for works and projects that confront historical environments and contexts.

Art Site Fest – Residenze Reali is intended as a contribution to reflection on the role of contemporary art in the cultural programming of the Savoy Residences in Piedmont.