Group Show RADICI at the Castello di Compiano, Parma, Italy

Opus in Artem presents the group show RADICI
Castello di Compiano, Parma, Italy

Curated by Bianca Maria Rizzi

Partecipating artists:
Luca Gastaldo, Mirsad Herenda, Mihailo Beli Karanovic, Tancredi Mangano, Karl Menzen, Francesco Orrù, Enzo Rovella

Opening December 28, 2019
The exhibition continues until 21 March 2020

The exhibition takes place at the Castle of Compiano among the rooms of the Marquise Gambarotta: the mixture of contemporary sculpture and painting and antique furnishings, paintings, screens, vases and old trimmings, paper wallpaper and coffered ceilings will be a very exciting journey.