Worldrecords by Kai Schäfer at Masterpiece Art London

Masterpiece Art, London holds the UK debut of esteemed German photo artist Kai Schäfer

The gallery moves into 2022 with an exhibition of the wonderfully nostalgic ‘WORLDRECORDS’ series

London, December 2021: Masterpiece Art London, in collaboration with Opus in Artem from Bedonia (PR), Italy, present the UK debut of esteemed German artist Kai Schäfer and his wonderfully nostalgic series ‘WORLDRECORDS’.

Iconic vinyl harmonises with the beauty of its turntable counterpart, creating visual poetry which evokes the memories & dreams attached to our favourite albums, songs, musicians, and everything personal that they symbolise – all captured through Schäfer’s lens.

In reality, the vinyl & the turntable in unison, create that music which feeds our audible soul.  However, via the works of Schäfer, our soul’s multitude of senses are activated instantaneously.  The synergy of associated subconscious memories and feelings makes the rhythm palpable.

On exhibition will be a varied selection true to the notion of WORLDRECORDS, however with an accent on the City of London and its rich, unique musical history. Displayed at Masterpiece Art’s Holland Park gallery, an area home to many famous singers, musicians & music producers, the exhibition offers the learned UK audience a first opportunity to connect with this wholly inspirational collection, on home soil.

In anticipation of what would have David Bowie’s 75th birthday in January 2022, Schäfer is honouring the ‘wild-eyed boy from London’ in his hometown, with the release of the iconic album ‘Station to Station’, written in 1975, as the newest addition to the WORLDRECORDS series.

About Kai Schäfer

A photo artist born in 1969 in Solingen, Germany. Kai created the WORLDRECORDS in 2010 as an ongoing series of highly detailed photography of original vinyl, harmonised on iconic turntables. Offering mutual appreciation for the records as for the turntables – themselves magnificent constructions adopting an architectural role – the inevitable nostalgia is felt by each dedicated music fanatic. WORLDRECORDS strikes a personal chord with every member in its audience. He lives with his partner, an interior architect, and their son in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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